A man's revenge against his city... And what is a city if not its people?

In the aftermath of bloody riots, Caius Martius Coriolanus: famed champion of Rome is triumphant against Tullus Aufidius; enemy of the state.

But as his life of dedicated martial service is finally to be rewarded, will his famed disdain for populism and the fickle tide of public opinion be a death sentence to Rome?

Set in the 1980s, amidst political upheaval and social strife, the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company presents a tragic dissection of democracy; exploring power, influence and the delicate interplay between the two.

Show dates: 27 Feb - 2 March
Location: Pleasance Theatre

Cast & Crew

Producer: Luka Antony Bjeliš

Director: William Watt

Asst. Director: Melanie Phillips

Production Manager: Celia Dugua

Technical Managers: Ben Hussey, Tom Turner and Ruth Luckins

Stage Managers: Carolyn Doyle and Denis Schröder

Coriolanus: Andy Edwards

Aufidius: Frank Kerr

Brutus: Sacha Timaeus

Cominius: Olivier Huband

Titus Lartius: Fred Fergus

Agrippa Menenius: Emma Zahedi

Volumnia: Sarah McGuinness

Valeria: Abby Jackson

Virgilia: Venice van Someren

Sicinius: Lucy Taylor 

Ensemble: Marika Proctor, Lily Wakeley, Inag Rudzitis, Tom Birch, Craig Methven, Alex Gray, Martin MacLennan & Jon Oldfield