King Lear


All good deeds need not be rewarded.

King Lear is Shakespeare's epic tragedy of heartbreak and goodness in the face of hostility. The ageing king descends into madness, and his family cuts him loose as the transpiring events become too much to bear. 

Now in its seventh year, the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company takes what is arguably Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy and allows it to become a play about a father who’s mind slips away from him and how those around him are forced to compensate.

|| 1st - 5th March 2016 || Pleasance Theatre || Tickets £10/ £7.50/ £7 ||


Director - Henry Conklin

Producer - Louise Spence

Production Manager - Laura McGugan

Assistant Director - Valentina Dunn

Costume - Kathryn Weaving

Hair - Isabella Rogers

Lights - Elissa Webb

Sound - Eliot Bacon

King Lear - Will Fairhead

Goneril - Caroline Elms

Regan - Agnes Kenig

Cordelia - Marina Windsor

Duke of Kent - Thomas Stuchfield

Duke of Gloucester - Ben Schofield

Edmund - Olivier Huband

Edgar - Macleod Stephen

Duke of Cornwall - Jordan Roberts-Laverty

Duke of Albany - Sam Coade

Fool - Pedro Leandro

Oswald - Vicente Ochoa

Ensemble - Grace Dickson, Kate Campbell, Holly Marsden, Kathryn Salmond, Rebecca Waites, Callum Pope, Ben Horner, Ewan McAdam