Romeo & Juliet


A storm is on the horizon in Verona. Ancient tensions between the Capulets and Montagues have reached breaking point and the youth are restless. Under the summer stars, two young lovers nd each other and seek an escape from their fractured world. But some forces are more powerful than love...

The EUSC’s tenth annual production will be a visceral, contemporary production of Shakespeare’s ultimate tragedy. 

Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th March 2018, 7:30pm
Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh


cast & Crew

Romeo - Douglas Clark

Juliet - Eliza Lawrence

Friar Lawrence - Esmée Cook

Escalus - Francesca Sellors

Mercutio - Will Peppercorn

Benvolio - Michael Black

Balthasar/Chorus - Grace Dickson

Tybalt - Michael Hajiantonis

Nurse - Kirsten Millar

Capulet - Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller

Lady Capulet - Lucy Davidson

Paris - Jacob Baird

Abram - Sam Coade

Sampson - Billy Slater

Gregory - Gordon Stackhouse

Montague - Ben Schofield

Lady Montague - Megan Lambie

Friar John - Callum Pope

Peter - Joe Christie 

Apothecary - Henry Coldstream

Director - Finlay McAfee

Artistic Director - Caroline Elms

Producer - Molly Teshuva

Production Manager - Ciara Milligan

Assistant Director - Matthew Sedman

Tech & Set Manager - Liz Marsh

Stage Manager - Iona Tangri

Set Manager - Kathryn Weaving

Production Designer - Laura Hounsell

Designer - Ben Schofield

Composer - Madison Willing

Props Manager - Molly Sacks

Photographer - Andrew Perry