Taming of the Shrew

"I see a woman may be made a fool
If she had not a spirit to resist."

Kate must have a husband before her sister Bianca is wed; Petruchio is the man to tame her. With elaborate planning and chaotic execution, the suitors set the stage to tame a 'curst' shrew and win Bianca's hand.

With disorder, deception and disguise, 'The Taming of the Shrew' has all the makings of a classic Shakespearean comedy and yet, underpinned by misogyny and domestic abuse, contains some of the most hard-hitting themes of the canon. The EUSC’s 11th annual production will address these themes head-on in a frank, bold retelling of a controversial classic.

12th-16th March 2019 at 7:30pm
Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh

Cast & Crew

Director - Tilly Botsford

Producer - Ruby Sullivan

Assistant Director - Sasha Briggs

Assistant Producer - Hannah McGurk

Stage Manager - Eve Aaronovitch

Production Manager - Iona Tangri

Set Designer - Patrick Beddow

Lighting Designer - Elissa Webb

Katherina - Anna Swinton

Bianca - Jess Butcher

Petruchio - Michael Hajiantonis

Lucentio - Will Peppercorn

Hortensio - Thomas Noble

Baptista - Michael Zwiauer

Grumio - Sally MacAlister

Tranio - Levi Mattey

Gremio - Henry C0ldstream

Biondello - Callum Pope

Vincentio - Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller

Ensemble - Amelia Chinnock-Schumann, Marina Jodrell, Lizzie Lewis, Camilla Makhmudi

Romeo & Juliet


A storm is on the horizon in Verona. Ancient tensions between the Capulets and Montagues have reached breaking point and the youth are restless. Under the summer stars, two young lovers nd each other and seek an escape from their fractured world. But some forces are more powerful than love...

The EUSC’s tenth annual production will be a visceral, contemporary production of Shakespeare’s ultimate tragedy. 

Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th March 2018, 7:30pm
Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh


cast & Crew

Romeo - Douglas Clark

Juliet - Eliza Lawrence

Friar Lawrence - Esmée Cook

Escalus - Francesca Sellors

Mercutio - Will Peppercorn

Benvolio - Michael Black

Balthasar/Chorus - Grace Dickson

Tybalt - Michael Hajiantonis

Nurse - Kirsten Millar

Capulet - Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller

Lady Capulet - Lucy Davidson

Paris - Jacob Baird

Abram - Sam Coade

Sampson - Billy Slater

Gregory - Gordon Stackhouse

Montague - Ben Schofield

Lady Montague - Megan Lambie

Friar John - Callum Pope

Peter - Joe Christie 

Apothecary - Henry Coldstream

Director - Finlay McAfee

Artistic Director - Caroline Elms

Producer - Molly Teshuva

Production Manager - Ciara Milligan

Assistant Director - Matthew Sedman

Tech & Set Manager - Liz Marsh

Stage Manager - Iona Tangri

Set Manager - Kathryn Weaving

Production Designer - Laura Hounsell

Designer - Ben Schofield

Composer - Madison Willing

Props Manager - Molly Sacks

Photographer - Andrew Perry


‘If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction…’

Digital Screens.jpg

In the kingdom of Illyria, courtly love is rife, but far from simple. Orsino loves Olivia, Olivia loves Cesario - who is in fact Viola in disguise - who in her turn loves Orsino. Add Viola’s identical twin brother Sebastian, the sycophantic steward Malvolio and a couple of mischievous knights into the mix, and chaos ensues. 

In a production unlike anything the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company has done before, witness Shakespeare’s greatest comedy played out in fully authentic Elizabethan costume and accompanied by live original music; it is truly not to be missed.

Tuesday 21st - Saturday 25th March 2017, 7:30pm
Teviot Debating Hall, Edinburgh

Cast & Crew

Viola - Olivia Evershed

Olivia - Francesca Sellors

Orsino - Ben Schofield

Malvolio - Charlie Ralph

Sir Toby Belch - Thomas Noble

Sir Andrew Aguecheek - Callum Pope

Maria - Isabel Woodhouse

Feste - Kathryn Salmond 

Sebastian - Michael Zwiauer

Antonio - Benjamin Aluwihare

Fabian - Tom Whiston

A Priest/Valentine - Henry Coldstream

Curio - Sally Pendleton

Ensemble - Megan Lambie, Sophie Smith, Abi Ahmadzeh


Director - Lauren Stockless

Producer - Katherine Moar

Production Manager - Nell Gray Andrews

Assistant Director - Kate Campbell

Dramaturg - America Archer

Tech Manager - Ciara Milligan

Stage Manager - Jess Smith

Assistant Stage Manager - Sophie Macnair

Set Manager - Brandon Shalansky

Costume Designer - Laura Loszak

Assistant Producer - Hero Candy

Lighting Designer - Liz Marsh

Co-Musical Directors - Fiona Russell & Reace Black

King Lear


All good deeds need not be rewarded.

King Lear is Shakespeare's epic tragedy of heartbreak and goodness in the face of hostility. The ageing king descends into madness, and his family cuts him loose as the transpiring events become too much to bear. 

Now in its seventh year, the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company takes what is arguably Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy and allows it to become a play about a father who’s mind slips away from him and how those around him are forced to compensate.

|| 1st - 5th March 2016 || Pleasance Theatre || Tickets £10/ £7.50/ £7 ||


Director - Henry Conklin

Producer - Louise Spence

Production Manager - Laura McGugan

Assistant Director - Valentina Dunn

Costume - Kathryn Weaving

Hair - Isabella Rogers

Lights - Elissa Webb

Sound - Eliot Bacon

King Lear - Will Fairhead

Goneril - Caroline Elms

Regan - Agnes Kenig

Cordelia - Marina Windsor

Duke of Kent - Thomas Stuchfield

Duke of Gloucester - Ben Schofield

Edmund - Olivier Huband

Edgar - Macleod Stephen

Duke of Cornwall - Jordan Roberts-Laverty

Duke of Albany - Sam Coade

Fool - Pedro Leandro

Oswald - Vicente Ochoa

Ensemble - Grace Dickson, Kate Campbell, Holly Marsden, Kathryn Salmond, Rebecca Waites, Callum Pope, Ben Horner, Ewan McAdam


EVENT - www.facebook.com/events/1524964704475574/


It is the summer of 1939 and Britain is travelling headlong towards one of the most devastating and transformative periods of its history. 

In the grand canal-side mansions of Little Venice, the privileged elite of London sit smoking their cigars and enjoying the fruits of their inheritance, oblivious to the oncoming collapse. Hardly thirty minutes from the grandeur of Little Venice are the brick terraces of the East End where Shylock, a Russian Jew, has earned a small fortune exploiting the spendthrift habits of the rich and irresponsible. As their feud unfolds, quiet voices on the radio warn them all, unheeded, of the storm that is about to break...

7:30pm 10th - 14th March 2015
(5:30pm Gala Reception Friday 13th)
(2:30pm matinee Saturday 14th)
Assembly Roxy

Tickets £6 (student) | £8 (concession) | £10 (full price)
available at www.eushakespeare.com
For more information regarding group bookings please get in touch.


Director - Rae Glasman

Assistant Directors - Lucy Evans & Selin Senkoken

Producer - Liz Mills

Production Manager - Jack Simpson

Costume Designer and Manager - Rose McCormack

Costume Assistant - Laura Loszak

Costume Assistant - Lisa Gilroy

Props Master - Aisling Kelly

Props Assistant - Olivia Evershed

Lighting Operator - Ciara Milligan

Sound Operator - Huw Jones

Sound Designer - Chris Armitstead

Set Designer - Kate Brown

Set Assistant - Kirsty Mann

Set Assistant - Maeve Matheson

Hair and Make Up - Bella Rogers

Videographer - Sally Pendleton

Shylock - Joe Shaw

Bassanio - Will Fairhead

Antonio - Pedro Leandro

Portia - Isobel Moulder

Nerissa - Caprice Avis

Gratiano - Chris Edge

Lorenzo - Rory McIvor

Salarino - Macleod Stephen

Solanio - Dominic Corbett

Jessica - Kirsty Findlay

Lucy - Chaz Watson

Duke/Gobbo - Eric Geistfeld

Arragon - Lewis McKenzie

Morocco - Tom Birch

Tubal - Kathryn Salmond

Ensemble - Holly Marsden, Grace Dickson & Olivia Kashti

The Tempest


"Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises, sounds a sweet aires that give delight."

Amidst storming seas and relentless waves lies the tale of ‘The Tempest’. Within its dream like sequences we are imbued with the spirit of sorcery, intrigue, the quelling of past feuds and the kindling of new loves. Placed within the twisting pipes, rusting rails and windswept decks of an abandoned oil platform floating in a wild ocean, this production delves into the mystery, beauty and comedy in what is widely regarded as one of Shakespeare’s finest works. 

Performed upon a dynamic thrust stage, incorporating elements of physical and ensemble style theatre, the EUSC's production aims to shed new light on this renowned piece. 

4th - 8th March 2014, 7:30pm
Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh

Tickets £10 (Full) / £7 (Student) / £6 (Member)

Cast & Crew

Director - Jack Kinross

Producer - Lauren McLay

Technical Manager - Kirstyn Petras

Stage Mananger - Ruth Luckins

Assistant Director - Elske Waite

Videographer - Sally Pendleton

Prospero - Sacha Timaeus

Miranda - Poppy Weir

Ariel - Ellie Deans

Caliban - Joe Shaw

Stephano - Connor Jones

Trinculo - Dean Joffe

Ferdinand - Will Fairhead

Alonsa - Lucile Taylor

Gonzalo - Jon Oldfield

Antonio - Alex Poole

Sebastian - Will Hearle

Adrian/ Spirit - Laurie Motherwell

Francesco/Spirit - Grace MacDougall


A man's revenge against his city... And what is a city if not its people?

In the aftermath of bloody riots, Caius Martius Coriolanus: famed champion of Rome is triumphant against Tullus Aufidius; enemy of the state.

But as his life of dedicated martial service is finally to be rewarded, will his famed disdain for populism and the fickle tide of public opinion be a death sentence to Rome?

Set in the 1980s, amidst political upheaval and social strife, the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company presents a tragic dissection of democracy; exploring power, influence and the delicate interplay between the two.

Show dates: 27 Feb - 2 March
Location: Pleasance Theatre

Cast & Crew

Producer: Luka Antony Bjeliš

Director: William Watt

Asst. Director: Melanie Phillips

Production Manager: Celia Dugua

Technical Managers: Ben Hussey, Tom Turner and Ruth Luckins

Stage Managers: Carolyn Doyle and Denis Schröder

Coriolanus: Andy Edwards

Aufidius: Frank Kerr

Brutus: Sacha Timaeus

Cominius: Olivier Huband

Titus Lartius: Fred Fergus

Agrippa Menenius: Emma Zahedi

Volumnia: Sarah McGuinness

Valeria: Abby Jackson

Virgilia: Venice van Someren

Sicinius: Lucy Taylor 

Ensemble: Marika Proctor, Lily Wakeley, Inag Rudzitis, Tom Birch, Craig Methven, Alex Gray, Martin MacLennan & Jon Oldfield

The Winter's Tale

A sad tale's best for winter...

Lents is the man who has everything: Power, Wealth and a loving wife and child he should be content with. Instead, he is uncomfortable with the world around him. Isolated by a destructive jealousy, he lashes out violently and watches as his life crumbles to the ground around him.

The EUSC capture the incredible beauty and savage cruelty of one of William Shakespeare's most eclectic and inventive plays, marrying terrible tragedy and farcical comedy in a way unique in Shakespeare's work. 

28th Feb - 3rd March 2012, Pleasance Theatre

Running Time: 3hrs30mins (incl. interval)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (2011)

Are you able to fill in the blanks for us? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at eushakespearecompany@gmail.com with any info or pictures and we're always happy to hear from past members of the company.


Titus Andronicus

Are you able to fill in the blanks for us? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at eushakespearecompany@gmail.com with any info or pictures and we're always happy to hear from past members of the company.