‘If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction…’

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In the kingdom of Illyria, courtly love is rife, but far from simple. Orsino loves Olivia, Olivia loves Cesario - who is in fact Viola in disguise - who in her turn loves Orsino. Add Viola’s identical twin brother Sebastian, the sycophantic steward Malvolio and a couple of mischievous knights into the mix, and chaos ensues. 

In a production unlike anything the Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company has done before, witness Shakespeare’s greatest comedy played out in fully authentic Elizabethan costume and accompanied by live original music; it is truly not to be missed.

Tuesday 21st - Saturday 25th March 2017, 7:30pm
Teviot Debating Hall, Edinburgh

Cast & Crew

Viola - Olivia Evershed

Olivia - Francesca Sellors

Orsino - Ben Schofield

Malvolio - Charlie Ralph

Sir Toby Belch - Thomas Noble

Sir Andrew Aguecheek - Callum Pope

Maria - Isabel Woodhouse

Feste - Kathryn Salmond 

Sebastian - Michael Zwiauer

Antonio - Benjamin Aluwihare

Fabian - Tom Whiston

A Priest/Valentine - Henry Coldstream

Curio - Sally Pendleton

Ensemble - Megan Lambie, Sophie Smith, Abi Ahmadzeh


Director - Lauren Stockless

Producer - Katherine Moar

Production Manager - Nell Gray Andrews

Assistant Director - Kate Campbell

Dramaturg - America Archer

Tech Manager - Ciara Milligan

Stage Manager - Jess Smith

Assistant Stage Manager - Sophie Macnair

Set Manager - Brandon Shalansky

Costume Designer - Laura Loszak

Assistant Producer - Hero Candy

Lighting Designer - Liz Marsh

Co-Musical Directors - Fiona Russell & Reace Black